Scott Meyers – Self Storage investing

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Self Storage investing – Invest in self storage with high returns and a fraction of the upkeep of traditional commercial real estate.

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Scott Meyers – Self Storage investing

Self Storage investing – Invest in self storage with high returns and a fraction of the upkeep of traditional commercial real estate.

The Self Storage Academy

This Live Event Will Cover How To:

  • Market to find facilities
  • Create your capital stack and the financing that goes into these projects
  • Raise private equity
  • Manage these facilities to drive income up and drive expenses down

Hi, I’m Scott Meyers

I am known as the Nation’s Leading Expert in the self-storage business. However, I personally don’t consider myself an expert in all aspects of the Self-Storage Investing industry as many have labeled me. I’ve been the architect of dozens of extremely successful real estate transactions since I began my real estate career in 1993, but I also invested in a deal that turned out to be a financial disaster for one of my companies. Which deal taught me the most?

You guessed it – the one that nearly broke us! The key is that I learn from my missteps, I pay attention to my mistakes, and I have become an expert at not making the same mistake twice and at learning from each one.

Along the way, I’ve become an expert at teaching others about the business and how to avoid those same mistakes I have made when investing in self-storage.

Over the past several years, my partners and I have purchased more than 15,000 units totaling more than 2.4 MILLION square feet of self-storage across the country. And in the Self Storage Academy, we are going to show you exactly how we did it!

Why Invest In Self Storage

According to Bloomberg Markets, storage space is “… the number one alternative investment”. During recent years, self-storage has seen returns in the triple digits, fueled by homeownership dropping to it’s lowest point in years after the real estate crash.

  • Resistant to Recession
  • Relatively High Returns
  • Opportunities for Consolidation
  • Lower Breakeven Occupancy Rate
  • Low Maintenance and Less Hassle

Invest In Self Storage Passively

We help people become financially independent without the hassles of tenants, toilets, and trash by investing both actively AND passively in Self-Storage!

We have created the industry’s best products, events, and one-on-one coaching programs that teach investors how they can get in on the hottest asset class in real estate, Self-Storage! 

And after 17  years of investing in self-storage and amassing a portfolio of over 2.4 million square feet of storage, we know what we’re talking about.  So while we LOVE to teach others how they can acquire, develop, and syndicate their own Self-Storage investments, we do offer passive investing opportunities at for those who don’t have the time to devote to being an active investor, or simply don’t want to take on the risk of a project and the liability of a loan.

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