Sara Longoria – Million Dollar Empire

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Join us in Million Dollar Empire to learn the embodiment of building a business in ease, in flow, in your divine feminine nature.

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Sara Longoria – Million Dollar Empire

We are on the precipice of one of the most unique times in history.

  • A time where we are all waking up to our gifts, our potential, & we are wanting to share it with the world… and at the same time, to create MASSIVE WEALTH because of it.
  • But so many of us have no idea how to build an empire other than the old way.
  • The old way which tells us to be disciplined, constantly show up, to hustle, to grind,
    to be everything to everyone.
  • To sacrifice for the first few years, so that you can relax in the later ones.
  • And that doesn’t feel good. Not to me, not to you,
    not to those of us who were meant to create something different.

Not to those of us who are meant to do business differently.

A way in which the magic of the universe does the heavy lifting.

  • A way in which SUPPORT is at the core of your business.
  • A way in which LOVE, EASE, & FUN is the name of the game.
  • A way in which you get to make MASSIVE IMPACT while creating MASSIVE WEALTH.
    A way in which business actually feels good.
  • Not in a way where you have to convince yourself it feels good….or that EVENTUALLY it will feel good.
  • A way where it ALWAYS feels good,
    & when it doesn’t?
    You know exactly what to do.

Because here’s the thing… There are two types of business. Physical Business & Energetic Business

  • Most build physical businesses, which means they are at the mercy of the physical…How well the world is doing. What everyone else is doing.
  • It means the world & what is going on around it runs your business.
  • It means YOU react to the external…
    & it’s exhausting for those of us who were meant to build a business a different way.

The Energetic Way.

  • Because yes, your business is not you, nor are you your business.
  • They are two different things.
  • So not only do you have to deeply understand yourself, but you also have to deeply understand your business & how to work with it.
  • Then throw in having to understand how to maneuver an energetic between two paradigms–
    because YES, we are currently straddling
    two VERY dominant paradigms.
  • It’s no wonder why most throw in the towel & have a hard time believing that a business built with ease & flow IS TRULY POSSIBLE.

But oh, my beautiful friend, IT IS. It took me a hot minute to figure it out… & at first I didn’t believe it was possible either. But I did it. And now I’m sharing EVERYTHING I KNOW with you in

  • Most businesses are created & built in the masculine energy, which is fine.But for many of us, building in the masculine doesn’t feel right.
    And building in the feminine is very new.
  • It can be hard for many of us, because feminine energy isn’t the doing,
    it’s the being.

So how do you build a business without doing? Well, my friends… that is exactly what we’re going to show you how to do.

That is what Million Dollar Empire is all about.

  • Million Dollar Empire is not a business course or another strategy.
  • Million Dollar Empire is the breakdown of EVERY SINGLE thing I did.
  • Every shift I had.
  • Every moment that changed me into BEING the person who can create a business like this.
  • This container is going to be like you’re IN my head as I grew this business. Understanding every move, every step, & then how to implement & embody it into YOUR life & business.

Growing an empire is not about the doing. It’s about WHO YOU BE.

  • In order to BE who you need to BE, to create what you want, in a WAY you want,
    there are many things you need to understand AT THEIR CORE.

This isn’t about me giving you a bunch of tangible information. This is about me infusing you with my knowledge, my essence, my BEING.

  • So you can embody and become the CEO of the future.
  • So you can BE the woman that is meant to have it all.

The woman who is meant to bring her dreams to reality and in a BIG way. A woman who is meant to impact, to create, & to do it HER way.

  • We will break down everything in this course…
    The energy & understanding of sales, money, COO energy, support, building a team, & leading a team.
  • & I will be showing you how to do this
    between two paradigms.
  • Because yes, your heart may be calling you to do things
    radically different… but do you ever feel like it doesn’t work as well as you want it to?
    It’s because your heart is fully in the new paradigm, but most of your customers aren’t fully there yet.
  • Which means we have to bridge the gap- something we have MASTERED- and something we are breaking down and sharing with you.


  • All the details on how to create an Energetic Business
    You’ll receive all of the energetics & all of the mindset work you need. Tap into my mind, understand where I was at, the shifts that I made, & how I did it.
    You’ll learn how to integrate the human emotions with your own divinity.
    I’m going to teach you how to create a rock-solid energetic foundation that can hold ANY empire you choose to build.
  • Learn to bring your Energetic Business into the physical world
    This is more than just tapping into the portion of people who are already operating in the energetic realms. This is bringing YOUR Energetic Business into the physical world, which is where 90% of the world is still operating.
    This means raising the consciousness, providing your soul purpose, while also making A LOT of money.
  • Truly SOULFUL sales
    We’re blowing out all of the myths around sales. In Million Dollar Empire, I’ll be teaching you how to sell in BOTH paradigms so that you’re finally reaching all of the people you’re meant to serve.
    I’ll be helping you understand sales from a deeply core level, so that you can TRULY speak to your people, while bringing them into your world in ease and flow.
  • Integrating your own Energetic presence into your marketing
    The energetic piece of you is missing from so many physical businesses. We’ll be helping you learn about your own personal astrology & how to bring your brand to life BASED on that astrology. You’ll learn who your ideal client is, based on your astrology, and what you need to have in your brand in order to attract them.
  • Embody your CEO Energy
    Become a true CEO, a TRUE leading-edge leader. This is about becoming a leader of leaders in your industry, in your space. We are building a new paradigm where there is no longer any competition, only collaboration.
  • Anchoring in your Go-Giver Energy
    There are three specific energies in our world: Taker Energy, Obligator Energy, & Go-Giver Energy. In the Go-Giver energy, we radiate our truth and know our value and worth. I’ll teach you how to truly anchor into this beautiful energy so that you’re not only giving value, but you’re also making A LOT of money in this loving flow.
  • Understanding how to budget and manage money Energetically
    Most people attempt to create an Energetic business, but then they manage their budget and money in the dense physical reality, which prevents the energy from flowing & thriving. This slows down or can even block the flow of money into and through your business. I’m going to teach you how to budget and manage your money for an Energetic business that’s built to THRIVE.
  • Create a business that works for YOU. You’ll be getting paid for everything you WANT to do, & NOTHING you don’t want to do.

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