Santiago – Machine Learning School

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You’ll have a solid understanding of most theoretical aspects concerning Machine Learning systems.

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Santiago – Machine Learning School

What Do You Get From Joining?

When you join the program, you get access to the following:

  1. A 14-hour live cohort. Every month, there are six live sessions of 2 hours each (12 hours total) and two optional Office Hours. You’ll learn about Production Machine Learning and build an end-to-end system from scratch. You can attend live or watch the recording of the sessions.
  2. Multi-Choice Questions and Assignments. This is a program for builders, and you will have plenty to do. Every session will give you a list of multi-choice questions and assignments to practice what you learned.
  3. A Community. You’ll join a community of professionals from every corner of the world with something in common: They are all building Machine Learning systems for a living.

Three things will happen when you finish this program:

  1. You’ll have a solid understanding of most theoretical aspects concerning Machine Learning systems.
  2. You’ll have experience building an end-to-end system using SageMaker. You’ll understand how to process data, train, tune, evaluate, deploy, and monitor models in a production environment. You’ll know a few tricks from somebody who spent many nights trying to figure these things out.
  3. You’ll build connections with like-minded professionals working in the industry.

Who Is This Program For?

  1. This program is split into three levels: the conversational level (theory), the implementation level (code), and the execution level (practice.) Non-technical students will benefit from the first and some portions of the second level. Students with technical skills can practice what they learned at the third level.
  2. This is a hands-on, technical program. It’s packed and tough.
  3. This program doesn’t cover basic machine learning theory. While you don’t need experience in machine learning to succeed in the program, I expect you have a certain level of familiarity with machine learning terminology. For example, you don’t need to understand the architecture of a Deep Learning model, but you should understand what “training” a model means.


Every month, the time of the cohort changes. We will meet 3 times for 2 consecutive weeks. There will be 2 optional Office Hours. Every session will be recorded, so you can attend live or watch the recorded version later.

Here are the upcoming cohorts:

  • Cohort #8: Nov 6 – Nov 17. 10 am EST. (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
  • Cohort #9: Dec 4 – Dec 15. 2 pm EST. (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)

We will start the program with a simple problem and build an entire end-to-end system for the six sessions. Every session is packed with information and code. It will be intense but fun.

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