Russ Ruffino – Clients On Demand 2021

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Russ Ruffino – Clients On Demand 2021


What you will get course Russ Ruffino – Clients On Demand 2021

Most client attraction strategies being taught today just plain don’t work. Blogging. Podcasting. Grinding out articles and videos. All that stuff.

These are fine for building an audience, but they’re hopeless when it comes to enrolling new clients. The fact is there’s a huge difference between growing your audience, and growing your income.


About your  intructor

Russ Ruffino

Founder & Creator

Founder and creator of the Clients on Demand system – the most reliable client-attraction system in the world. He’s helped thousands of entrepreneurs around the globe sell millions of dollars worth of their products and services.

Clients On Demand 2021 – We’re going to show you…
Why complicated funnels and sales processes are a complete waste of time…and the simple process we use to enroll 5-figure clients like clockwork…
How we’ve earned $10 or more for every $1 that we spent on Facebook advertising for 4 years straight.
Why launches, branding, blogging, endless content marketing, and grinding out endless videos are the WORST way to attract new clients…and what you can do to create immediate momentum today…
How this one simple funnel generated $15 Million in 2018 …and allows our best clients to go from total unknowns to 6-7 figures in record time…
Why premium pricing is the secret to getting even better results for your clients than you are now…
AND… how to do ALL of this while fulfilling your mission, getting stunning outcomes for your clients, and making the impact you were born to make


Who is this course for

Thought-leaders. Experts. Coaches. Consultants. Service professionals. Online businesses. If you use your knowledge and expertise to create massive breakthroughs for your clients, we can help you enroll more of the right clients, more often.

You must be Coachable. Decisive. Resourceful.

You must be dead serious about scaling your business to 6, and then 7-figures…while helping your clients win every step of the way

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