Ran Segall – The 6 Figure Freelancer (Full 12 weeks)

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The 6-Figure Freelance Designer – Build asuccessful freelance business. Attract a steady stream of high-value clients, break free from feast-and-famine cycles, and regain control over your schedule.

  • Course’s name: Ran Segall – The 6 Figure Freelancer (Full 12 weeks)
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  • Last Update: 2022

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Ran Segall – The 6 Figure Freelancer

The 6 Figure Freelancer – Build asuccessful freelance business.

Step-by-step business building ROADMAP

The 12 video modules take you through every step of running and growing a successful freelance business.

Weekly calls with your mentors

Get support and build momentum on weekly calls with Flux Academy founder Ran Segall and your fellow students.

Done-for-you business resources

Revamp your freelance business with templates and resources used by real-life successful freelancers.

Make a great living doing what you love as a freelancer

Attract a steady stream of high-value clients, break free from feast-and-famine cycles, and regain control over your schedule. This program will help you:

  • Set up proven marketing systems to consistently bring in clients
  • Refine your niche and how you describe the value of your services
  • Improve your sales and negotiation skills to close higher-paying projects
  • Run your business smoothly and set yourself up for steady growth

Learn with Ran Segall

Ran Segall has been a freelance web designer for 17 years — 6 of those as a full-time business owner.

He started his career at big advertising and branding agencies, and as a freelancer, has served clients in many industries, including tech startups, social enterprises, and restaurateurs.

By developing high-value skills, he scaled his freelance web design business to over $250k in yearly revenue.

Since 2015, Ran has been sharing his learnings on his YouTube channel, Flux — the very foundation of Flux Academy.

What you’ll learn

Week 1: Niching
  • Why Selecting a Niche is Crucial For Your Success
  • How To Pick a Profitable Niche
  • Niche Examples For Designers
  • How To Become The Best Freelancer In Your Niche
  • Weekly Mission
  • Feedback On Student Work – Niche
  • How to conduct the strategy sessions
  • Defining content architecture (The site map)
  • Strategy outcomes: content architexture, project timeline & final cost
  • Real client strategy example
Week 2: Messaging
  • How To Stand Out From 98% of Other Freelancers
  • What Clients Actually Care About
  • How To Make Sure Clients Value What You Offer
  • How To Craft Your Unique Value Proposition
  • Weekly Mission
  • Feedback On Student Work – Messaging
Week 3: Website & Social media
  • Why You Must Have Your Own Website
  • Should You Brand Yourself a Freelancer or an Agency?
  • Quick Website Checklist
  • Making Sure Your Message is Consistent Across Platforms
  • Weekly Mission
  • Feedback On Student Work – Website
Week 4: Client Attraction
  • The Difference Between Sales & Marketing
  • The Pros & Cons of Each Marketing Channel and How To Choose
  • Designing Your Sales Funnel
  • What are Your Critical Drivers
  • Measuring of Your Funnel Performance
  • Your Weekly Mission
Week 5: Pricing
  • How To Choose The Right Price For You
  • Penetration Pricing
  • Cost Based Pricing
  • Value Pricing
  • Premium Pricing
  • Promotional Pricing
  • Price Packaging
  • Your Weekly Mission
Week 6: Sales & Negotiation
  • Why You’ve been struggling with sales until now
  • My Key Principles for sales
  • Step 1: The First Call
  • Step 2: The First Meeting
  • Step 3: Negotiations
  • Recommended Reading
Week 7: Outreach
  • The Strategy For Getting Clients NOW
  • Creating Your Hit List
  • Researching Like Sherlock
  • Crafting Your Irresistible Pitch
  • How To Write Emails That Get Replied
  • How To Follow Up
  • Your Weekly Mission
Week 8: Finances
  • Have You Been Flying Blind?
  • Step 1: Separate Your Bank Accounts
  • Step 2: Setting Up & Understanding Your Accounting Docs
  • Step 3: Becoming Profitable
  • Step 4: Keeping Track
  • Step 5: Assessing Risk
  • Recommended Reading
Week 9: Operations & Management
  • The Tools & Processes You Need To Run Your Business
  • Planning Tools & Systems
  • Pricing, Proposals & Invoicing
  • Time Tracking: Why & How to do it
  • Tracking Sales & Marketing
  • Weekly Mission

Week 10: Client Relationships

  • The 3 Types of Freelancer-Client Relationships
  • Pre-Sell Relationship
  • Managing Relationships During The Project
  • How To Handle Feedback
  • How To Handle Conflicts
  • Post-Project Relationship
  • Weekly Mission
Week 11: Delegation
  • When Should You Delegate
  • How To Delegate Design, Development, Finances & Marketing
  • How To Interview Sub-contractors
  • Contract Example
Week 12: Systematic Growth
  • How To Put Systems To Ensure Growth
  • Marketing Systems
  • Service Systems
  • Operations Systems
  • Finance Systems
  • Management Systems
  • Conclusion & Final Thoughts

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