Mel Robbins – Launch 2023

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Launch a 6 month coaching program with yours truly‍…designed to LAUNCH you into that life you want.

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Mel Robbins – Launch 2023

Launch a 6 month coaching program with yours truly‍…designed to LAUNCH you into that life you want.

In six weeks, you’re going to feel like a brand new person.

In six months, you’re going to be a brand new person. You’ll have launched.

I’m going to be with you: teaching you, helping you lock in new routines using simple science-supported systems, and picking you up and cheering you on on those days where you don’t get it done.

I’ve designed Launch with Mel Robbins with a 3-step approach:

First up, let’s get clarity.

See, I believe in you. I believe that you deserve to have an amazing life. I believe that your dreams matter and that you are meant for more, and I do believe you’re capable of achieving it.

And, as you begin the process of creating the essential habits that turn on your new life, there’s nothing more important than true-blue, crystal-clear clarity. The kind that you can’t ignore.

It’s why we dive in with a week of daily coaching and science-backed lessons geared towards helping you zero in on the one area of your life that really needs attention, and then I’ll help show you the habits that will turn that life of yours around… and fast.

Then I’m going to give you a little (well, a big) push.

After you’ve honed in on clarity and started your map forward, we’re diving into a 5 week project portion of the course.

For 30 days, you will focus on a personal or professional project of your choice, and with daily curriculum lessons, weekly live sessions, and tons of community, I’ll hold you accountable to making real progress.

See, maybe that’s as simple as cleaning out your closet or migrating your email list.

Maybe it’s as crazy big as starting a new business or scaling your existing one.

Maybe it’s something in between.

You choose the project, I show you the foundation, and I push you in.

Plus, you’ll have mountains of support the whole way.

No big change was ever made all alone, and that’s why Launch is packed with cheerleaders and community to help you tune into your success with the kind of energy you can only find alongside support. Whether it’s my team, the rest of the community, or me, you’ll have a network of support engaged into and woven within your success.

We’ll have specific groups as well to connect with other people working on a similar project to yours, whether it’s personal or professional.

See, if you’re surrounded by people who are also having breakthroughs, demonstrating courage, and shaking off their fear, I can promise you that it’ll light a match under your courage and stoke the flame.

See, launching is for the living — and this live coaching course is happening each and every single day inside this community.

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