Luisa Zhou – Sales, Simplified

$697 $70 has been a 7-figure business for the last 8 years. When it comes to a personal online business, there are few who’ve been around longer. Or built a more profitable business. Or done so with consistent growth year after year.
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Luisa Zhou – Sales, Simplified

Sales Simplified – Everything you need to start making more sales NOW.
  • The three simple steps that will guarantee you make more sales than 95% of entrepreneurs. This is not an exaggeration — I’m speaking from almost a decade of observation and experience. (Even if you do these steps imperfectly, and even if you’re not sure you’re doing them completely “right.” As long as you do them every day. Lesson 2.1.)
  • The single most important factor to making more sales — that’s MUCH more impactful than any individual strategy or tactic. The problem is, most of the sales tactics being taught right now overlook this completely. (But once you know how to do this, you’ll make a lot more sales even if your skills and tactics aren’t that strong yet. This is the reason I was able to make millions before I learned to write a decent sales page. Lesson 2.1.)
  • How to sell your product with true confidence — so you aren’t held back by “imposter syndrome,” fear of “being a fraud,” or “perfection paralysis.” (This is how I was able to confidently sell out my first ever group coaching program. Even though I didn’t have an established reputation, I was a “nobody,” and I didn’t have a lot of social proof or testimonials either. Lesson 1.4.)
  • Why one person can far outsell another…even though they might both be using the exact same strategy. (This isn’t a tactic, per say. But I’ll show you the steps to be able to use this advantage for yourself. So you can make any strategy you use that much more effective. Lesson 1.1.)
But that doesn’t mean I’m going to leave you hanging on the strategy part either!
In fact, I’m going to show you exactly…

How to Choose the Best Strategy For YOU

Ultimately, all your strategy options fall into just a few categories.
And once you understand how to analyze each strategy and what category it falls into, you’ll be able to easily decide what strategy to use, and when, at any point in your business.
So you can know without a doubt that you’re focusing on the best strategy for your business at any given time. And thus actually focus on it without getting distracted by other “shiny objects.” So you get the best results.
Because after this course, you’ll know…
  • How to cut through the overwhelm and understand every strategy option available for an online service- or training-based business. Plus when and how to make the best use of each one — so you don’t waste time on the wrong strategy and are able to get the best results. (Once you know this, you’ll realize that it really is pretty simple. And you’ll never feel overwhelmed again trying to figure out what to do or when. Lesson 3.1.)
  • The strategy combinations I recommend — and personally used — to cross over 6-figures, and then 7-figures. (What gets you to 6-figures won’t get you to 7-figures. But using the wrong strategies too early can mean that it actually takes you longer to hit your initial sales goals. It’s all about using the right strategy at the right time…which you’ll know how to do after this lesson. Lesson 3.1.)
  • The one popular strategy I DO NOT recommend, and why. (Even though it can help you make sales, I believe it’ll actually cost you a lot more than it’s worth in the long run. Lesson 3.1.)
  • How to set the perfect price as a part of your strategy — and make sales at whatever price point you want. (This is how I’ve been able to successfully sell products even at $100,000+ — often at a much higher rate than the “norm” for my industry or my competitors. And yet still have plenty of customers who are happy to buy at those prices. Lesson 3.4.)
  • When and how to raise your price — so you can grow your business, feel good about your price, and not lose out on sales. (The only rule I use to determine when to raise my price — and how I do it. Plus, how to respond when a potential customer asks why you raised your price. Lesson 3.4.)
  • 5 Simple Rules for More Sales. These are the exact rules I personally follow in to drive 7-figures in revenue. (Not following Rule #1 is one of the top reasons most entrepreneurs aren’t able to make as many sales as they’d like. Rule #3 is one of the fastest ways to start boosting sales…although very few are actually doing it. Rule #5 is the best way I’ve found to make lots of sales while enjoying your business, feeling fulfilled by what you’re doing and selling, and also adding the MOST value to your audience at the same time. Lesson 3.2.)

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