Luisa Zhou – End Your Year Strong

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End Your Year Strong​​ will help you make sure that answer is…”You’ve made a sale!” notifications filling up your inbox…

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Luisa Zhou – End Your Year Strong

End Your Year Strong

Every year around this time, worried entrepreneurs ask me the same question: “Should I prepare for lower sales because it’s the end of the year?”

Here’s what I have to say from eight years of experience with Q4’s (which are some of my best quarters)…

No, you should not.

People LOVE to buy during the end of year.

BUT the question is…

Will they be buying from you?

End Your Year Strong​​ will help you make sure that answer is…

“You’ve made a sale!” notifications filling up your inbox

Through 12 weekly videos and behind-the-scenes emails, you’ll discover what to sell, when to sell it, and how to sell it to ensure your business is aligned for the unique buying behaviors that happen only in Q4:

  • #1: THE most important thing you need to do in Q4 to make sure your business comes out on top with the highest Share of Wallet (how much customers are spending on your products instead of your competitors’)
  • #2: Know exactly what to sell each month once we map out your entire quarter’s promotional calendar to maximize sales via the different buying patterns in October, November, and December
  • #3: Make November one of your biggest months of the year – once you learn the best strategy to help you do that
  • #4: Avoid leaving money on the table by catching a key opportunity that occurs towards the end of the yearThis is one of the highest ROI promotions you can do! (And I’ll show you how to make it super simple)
  • #5: My Thanksgiving promo sequence that always drives a lot of sales, no matter your industry or how noisy it gets with Black Friday campaigns. Plus, this works no matter where you are in business – in fact, new coaches have used this to make their first sales ever! 
  • #6: Timing is everything in Q4. (Being off by just one week once cost me $10,000+.) This training will make sure what you sell, when you sell it, and how you sell it all align with what your clients want to buy in Q4…so you make the most sales!
  • #7: How to run sales & discounts without diluting your brand or training your audience to only buy at a discount
  • #8: The type of client you want to avoid  in Q4 (because they won’t buy)…and the type of client to focus on – because they LOVE to buy in Q4.  (Q4 the only time this is the case!)
  • #9: My #1 “hack” for creating a product – and selling it – fast in Q4…so that you can make more sales even if you don’t have a lot of (or any) products
  • #10: The top sales strategy to use in December – so you end the year strong even when your competitors are crying that “no one’s buying”
  • #11: How to have a hugely profitable week, month, or more while taking lots of time off – so your clients feel taken care of and sales keep coming in while you get to enjoy the holidays
  • #12: There’s one more thing Q4 is great for – you can use it to start the new year strong as well. We’ll wrap up with my best tips for turning your profitable quarter into an even more profitable next year

The details of what you get:

  • Instant access to all 12 videos – so you don’t have to wait!
  • Most videos are about 20-30 minutes long—as concise as possible to pack in everything you need to know, while being as short as possible so you can watch quickly and get to implementing what you learn and getting results!
  • ​Weekly action items so you’ll know exactly what to do each week
  • You’ll also get the first 3 behind-the-scenes emails right away sharing insights into how I apply the tips in actual practice (so it’s not just theory). After that, you’ll get one email each Friday through the rest of the year
  • Follow the lessons and learn from my own behind-the-scenes to make this Q4 your best one yet

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