Kristen Boss – Social Selling Academy

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The exclusive training program for Network Marketers seeking authentic marketing strategies, powerful and confident selling, and purposeful influence to grow their business without burnout.

  • Course’s name: Kristen Boss – Social Selling Academy
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Kristen Boss – Social Selling Academy

Social Selling Academy – The exclusive training program for Network Marketers seeking authentic marketing strategies, powerful and confident selling, and purposeful influence to grow their business without burnout.


This comprehensive training program is for the network marketer and social seller who is looking to accelerate their sales and marketing skills – so that they can make MORE sales with less frustration and in less time.

In The Social Selling Academy…

  • NYou’ll find all the tools to create a purposeful and highly profitable online business – without feeling like you are bugging people or dragging people into conversations
  • NYou will learn to grow a business in a way that feels authentic, aligns with your purpose, and has people consistently coming to YOU.
  • NNo more chasing people down to listen to your offer or buy your product. This is next level marketing for the modern social seller.
  • NIf you have made the posts, sent the messages, and asked all your friends and family to look at your product and opportunity, and you are continually met with crickets or polite “no thank you’s”- it’s time for you to learn another way.

This program is key to helping you have CONSISTENT and SUSTAINABLE success. Which means consistent growth and consistent income- no matter what your experience level is.


This isn’t about becoming the next trendy influencer on instagram.

This is about helping the everyday social seller- get results with their unique voice and attract an audience who aligns with THEM.

Feel like you’ve “tapped your warm market”? That’s not a problem. This program helps you consistently grow and nurture your cold market to become red hot leads!

Don’t know how to recruit quality team members? This program teaches you how to attract team members who stay for the long game and put in the work.

No “dragging” them along.

Tired of experiencing the “end of month” chaos with your hair on fire?

In the program, you learn to balance your business to get out of the monthly “hustle” and “exhaustion.”

This isn’t just about hitting a rank- it’s about KEEPING it- without you having to buy into it or beg your team to show up every month.

This isn’t just about building an income for today- this is about creating income for your FUTURE.

This is for the network marketer and social seller who is tired of the “hustle” and being told “it’s just a numbers game” or being told to “Just send more messages.”


This is the program where you can come to build a powerful personal brand, position yourself as the expert to your audience, build trust with your audience, write compelling content that has people ASKING YOU about your product, service, or opportunity.


  • NShow up consistently in your business without needing exterior motivation to make it happen
  • NLearn to set and exceed your short term AND long term goals WITHOUT mind drama, burnout, OR hustle.
  • NHow to stop your patterns of self sabotage for GOOD
  • NSave time writing content because you will know exactly what to say and how to communicate with your audience
  • NLearn how to increase customer retention, which means consistent income
  • NHave more time to spend with your family instead of chasing leads all day on social media
  • NHave more energy and time freedom in your business.
  • NGain emotional health while in pursuit of your goals
  • NFeel a deep sense of peace while you are growing a consistent and sustainable business.
  • NSave hours of “busy work” each day and be able to put your phone down knowing “my work is done.”
  • NSign people who WANT to work the business, rather than dragging people along
  • NFeel confident in your communication with potentials and leads
  • NKnow exactly how to tap into your cold market and convert them into warm leads!


  • NCould write powerful content on a dime
  • NHad a consistent flow of leads coming to you each month
  • NHad a CLEAR daily action plan in order to hit your business goals
  • NFelt excited, renewed, and ENERGIZED when it came to your business goals
  • NNo longer felt a pit of anxiety in your stomach on the 1st or the 30th of the month
  • NNo longer felt anxiety when it came to checking your back office report
  • NNever felt the need to “take a break” from your business- but found time to rest and have creative play
  • NNever experienced “burnout” again
  • NHad people join you and purchase from you WHILE you slept, ate dinner with your family, or chilled at the pool
  • NEarned the trips and incentives without exhausting yourself
  • NFelt more presence in your personal life while ALSO having success in your business

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