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Million Dollar Diva will teach you to reprogram, retrain and reparent your brain with heaps of juicy and activating self-love. You’ll purge to emerge and rise into riches, gorgeous, as you heal, align and reset your frequency into femme power and sacred abundance.

  • Course’s name: Ingrid Arna – MILLION DOLLAR DIVA
  • Size: 11.4 GB
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  • Last Update: 2023

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In Million Dollar Diva, we cover it all by offering the most sacred healing space on the planet!

Gorgeous, it’s time to refuse to poison yourself any longer with self-doubt and to stop drinking the poverty, fear, and constriction kool-aid!

Are you ready for deep, juicy, and feminine quantum G.R.O.W.T.H.?

Here’s how that looks inside the Million Dollar Diva vortex:

  • GREATNESS you can feel in every cell of your being. Goodbye to imposter syndrome and feeling like you’re a fraud and not enough!
  • REACH that brings your talent, gifts, and message online and worldwide. Get ready to SHOW up, GLOW up, and be the most LIT up woman on the internet!
  • OFFERINGS in your business and relationships that come from overflow and nix overwhelm and overworking forever.
  • WISDOM to guide you every step of the way with crystalline clarity, feminine acumen, and savvy business and life strategy.
  • TRANSFORMATION that will leave you unrecognizable and bring you into your FULL feminine power at lightning speed.
  • HONORING of yourself and your sisters. There’s ZERO competition when you know how to connect and co-create with other powerful women! This creates a potent space of harmony, love and healing for all.

Here’s what you’ll receive in your Million Dollar Diva manifesting and healing initiation!

1. Wealth Alignment & Purification

Create a new wealth set point with this divine money process.

Purify your past, environment and vibration and release all past stories and lower frequencies with this powerful masterclass. You’ll also purify your relationships with money, work and loved ones as you create a new cellular set point that beams with juicy and divine love and wealth! Get ready to activate your Priestess power, pleasure and purpose!

2. Energy Empress

Harness your energy in self-love and amplify it to rise into more confidence, abundance and cash flow.

Release all beliefs you have around the need to rescue, save or carry others in order to feel safe and connected.

Create sustaining, nourishing relationships where you give and receive in equal measure. Release all paradigms of struggle and scarcity and reclaim your divine femme power.

3. Limitless Abundance

Shift from anxiety and sacrifice to juicy healing and abundance.

Release the pattern of spinning out at the first sign of trouble and become grounded in worthiness and nourishment, so you can grow and ascend with ease. This is where you’ll finally understand it doesn’t have to be hard: the journey into prosperity on all levels is about aligning your mind with energy and right action. Learn how to process your emotions, confidently speak your truth, and allow your wisdom to shine as you create a safe and inviting space for positive and blooming relationships with yourself and your clients.

4. Fierce Femme Ownership

Claim ownership of yourself, voice and worth to sell, serve and receive.

Turn up the volume on your wealth, pleasure and love to attract clients, cash and consistency in your business. Ingrid will guide you into being visible, vocal and highly valued in your newly minted role as a serious player in your niche.

5. Queen of Frequency

Create your heart’s desires from the frequency of being whole, healed, rich and radiant.

Allow yourself to create your reality separate from any past or present influences around you. Release any energies from past trauma and poor choices to step fully into your new Kali-fire creatrix vibration. This is THE change in vibration that lifts you and everything in your life up to the highest level of nourishment, joy and unlimited creation.

6. Karma Drama Mastery

Free yourself from karma drama to rise into the realm of riches.

Unshackle yourself from any limits that you’ve inherited, adopted or accumulated in this life. Quickly move through old baggage, blame and self-sabotage to purify your vibration and radiate only that which brings you the support, recognition and remuneration you truly deserve.

7. Attract money with potent and divine grace

Powerfully honor your gifts to allow higher financial remuneration to be part of your life.

Patterns of pain around money, as well as a scarcity vibration, manipulation and loss, are all forms of self-rejection, abandonment and suffering that can be released, transmuted and converted into financial flow.

8. Your Sacred Sovereignty

Bringing in lavish abundance to your work, business, bank account and life calls you to channel crystal clear clarity on who you are and what you will and won’t accept in business and life. Dive deep into this process and clarify how you are attuning to the energy of abundance and becoming one with the wealth that is yours to claim.

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