Guzz – The Bulletproof Way To $5k/Months In 2022

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The incredibly boring, but 100% most bulletproof, easiest, high demand, zero risk way to get to your first $5k months in 2022 – book meetings for other companies.

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Guzz – The Bulletproof Way To $5k/Months In 2022

The Bulletproof Way To $5k/Months In 2022 – The incredibly boring, but 100% most bulletproof, easiest, high demand, zero risk way to get to your first $5k months in 2022 – book meetings for other companies.

And if you don’t sign a client within 60 days of joining after implementing all my strategies – you get a 100% refund, no questions asked, no strings attached.

Best part about running a lead generation agency?

It’s scalable as fuck.

As long as you can get to $5k a month, you now have a proven way to earn money online.

And then it’s just a matter of time, dedication and pumping up volume before you hit $10k, $20k, $50k+ months

But Gussssss, how do I get to $5k a month when I have no idea how to get clients or book meetings for my clients for that matter??

Well isn’t that just the beauty of running a lead gen business.

The way you get clients for yourself, is the exact same way you get clients for them.

And I will show you exactly how you do that in this honestly pathetically low priced program.

Am I saying I’m the top 1 lead generation expert on the planet?

Of course not.

But what I am telling you is that in this program, I have outlined every single thing I do at my own agency that has made it possible for me to hit $20k a month consistently.

And my clients fucking love me.

Their business is struggling hard, they have no idea how to get meetings booked in on autopilot.

So the way I see it is that we have 3 potential people reading through this right now.

We have:

A) The person that has never bought a course before, and is still pretty unsure about this whole online wifi money thing. This person is still trying to figure out if this whole thing is a total scam and if it’s actually true that you don’t need a university degree or a crazy CV to start making money for yourself.

If that’s you, take a leap of faith man. I can’t really tell you anything else. We have been so brainwashed by society growing up, that our default answer is to call scam and BS on everything that sounds too good to be true.

No online business model is going to get you rich QUICK. But if you put in the hours, and work for it, there is absolutely zero chance you won’t start making money.

This program is not something that “sounds too good to be true” kinda thing.

This program is for people that are ready to put in the work, invest time into learning a whole business model, and actually start making a living for themselves.

And I believe this model of getting really insanely good at generating leads/meetings for other companies is 100% the highest value skill you can learn at this moment.

Everyone need new leads, and if you can master the lead generation skill, you will literally never have to worry about money ever again.

I am so truly grateful I took the leap of faith joining an agency program back in the day, and if you’re on the fence of doing it, please do it man. If not mine, join someone else’s. You won’t regret it.

Fuck working for someone else.

Fuck barely surviving, just getting by month after month with a shitty salary.

And fuck just being an average person in life, only living for the weekends, and hating your normal job.

Not for me, hopefully not for you either.

And to spend this little money to earn up towards $20k/month in 6-12 months is a pretty damn good investment I would say.

B) The person that has already bought a few courses but still hasn’t really cracked the code on how to make consistent money online.

Maybe you have tried FB ads, email marketing, or something third, but it just hasn’t really worked out YET.

You grind every day trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t, but nothing really seems to take off.

I 100% feel you on this one.

I was in the exact same position.

I bought into the idea that you could just run a FB ads/email marketing agency and everyone would just instantly give you money.

I was wrong.

That market is so freaking saturated that if you don’t know the ins and outs of outbound prospecting.

You’re done.

I tried everything, but just couldn’t book a meeting, even if my life depended on it.

I went 6 months without ANY meetings.

Working 8-12 hours a day, only focusing on lead gen.

Countless of youtube videos watched, countless of courses bought, and countless of books read.

Until I finally figured out what actually worked and what didn’t.

I started signing clients and was finally starting to make some good money, but funny thing happened.

After months after months of hating lead generation, I actually started to enjoy it.

I was now helping all my friends get more meetings booked into their calendar and they even wanted to pay me to handle their lead generation.

And that’s when I closed down the advertising agency, to start my lead gen agency.

Hands down the best decision I have ever made.

I made $5k my first month, $8k the second month, and about $13k the third.

Zero case studies by the way.

So if you’re currently running an agency/freelance business, and have been considering starting a lead gen business instead.

Please do it.

The demand is so much higher.

I’m literally booking meetings on autopilot by just saying I do lead gen in my bio’s on my social media profiles.

And if you let me show you the exact strategies I’ve spent the last year coming up with.

There is literally no way you won’t be able to get banger results for your clients, and start making some serious money.

Lead gen agency is the fucking move in 2022.

Don’t get left behind with all the email marketing agencies and FB ads agencies.

Start an online business that the market ACTUALLY needs.

C) Someone that already has a successful freelance/agency business and just wants to learn how to leverage cold emails and LinkedIn to sign more clients.

Not really going to talk much about this person, you’re already successful.

If you want to learn all my secret strategies on how I leverage cold emails and LinkedIn to flood my own but also my clients calendar with sales meetings, go ahead and buy this course.

Skip ahead to the “How to book meetings section” and get overwhelmed with juicy strategies on how to ACTUALLY book meetings in 2022.

You won’t be disappointed.

How many hours a day do I need to put in to make this work?

Depends on how much experience you have in business/sales/running an agency.

Is this a business model where you can work a few hours a week and sit by the poolside and relax, but still cash in big buck every month?


Not at all.

So if you’re looking for a business model like that I would find another one.

But if you put in a solid 4-6 hours a day, there is literally no way you won’t be able to sign clients and start making some serious money.

This is not going to be easy, but it sure is going to work if you put in the hours.

That’s all I can say.

A reason why you should buy now:

  1. There was a time where no one was running FB ads for ecom brands. Back then it was really really easy to sign on new clients, since the competition was so low.There was a time where no one was doing email marketing. Back then it was really really easy to sign on new clients, since the competition was so low.

    Right now there are not that many people running a lead gen agency the way I’m gonna tell you how to run it.

    Meaning the competition is still low as fuck. And on top of that, the demand for lead gen is so freaking high, that you can easily sign clients without any case studies.Competition might not be this low forever. So if I was you, I would start the lead gen agency journey now.

  2. This is the lowest price this program will ever be. This is a beta price. I will be pumping up the price very soon when I have gotten some feedback and perfected it.If you buy now you will get LIFETIME access to all the updates I will make to this program for FREE.

Program Details:

  • All Essential softwares for the cheapest price
  • How to onboard a client in the smoothest way possible, that also gives you all information you need about their company.
  • How to select a PROFITABLE niche
  • Structuring and pricing your offer, so prospect HAVE to buy your service.
  • Everything you need to know about scraping and finding the right people to reach out to.
  • The secrets to ACTUALLY booking meetings through LinkedIn
  • How to book meetings through Cold Email in 2022. (Not the old and outdated way)
  • How to set up domains, so you will never land in spam.
  • The secret cold call 2.0 method
  • VSL creation
  • Sales 101: How to close clients
  • 24/7 access to me through Discord

So if you’ve read this far..

Now it’s up to you

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