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  • Name: Full Time Filmmaker
  • Author: Parker Walbeck
  • Size: 58 GB
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  • Equipment: What kind of camera gear should I buy?
  • Technical: How do I technically use my camera gear?
  • Cinematic: How do I make my films look cinematic?
  • Premiere Pro: What is my editing workflow in Premiere Pro?
  • Final Cut Pro X: What is my editing workflow in Final Cut Pro X?
  • Land Clients: How do I find clients and make money?
  • Job Shadows: How do I work behind the scenes on each unique shoot?
  • Real Estate: Lern how to land, shoot and edit real estate video
  • Travel Videos: Learn how to plan, shoot and edit travel
  • Corporate: Learn how to plan, shoot and edit commercials.
  • Music Videos: Learn how to shoot and edit music videos.
  • Wedding Videos: Learn how to shoot and edit wedding videos.
  • Smartphone: How to shoot cinematic video using a smartphone.
  • Transitions: Learn how to plan, shoot and edit seamless transitions.


Who is Parker Walbeck and Why Did He Create Full Time Filmmaker?

Parker Walbeck is a very experienced filmmaker who does video for ages. []

He quickly built a huge following on social media because he always delivers high-value content.

I think he gained around 500,000 YouTube Subscribers within the first 2 or 3 years, his course has more than 7,000+ students, and his Instagram accounts are literally on fire.

In the past, he even worked with Devon Supertramp and traveled all over the world creating video content for big name brands like Hyundai, LG, Huawei, Canon and more…

He created Full Time Filmmaker because he wanted to share all of his technical, creative and business insights. That content includes gear reviews, comparisons, tutorials, cinematic films and more.



The Equipment

In this section of the course, Parker Walbeck is sharing the 80/20 rule he uses to pick his equipment.
He spent thousands of dollars to figure out what’s good and what’s just hype or thin air. []

Here are my top 3 trainings out of this section:

  • Things to Look for When Buying a Camera
  • Things to Look for When Buying a Lens
  • What Microphone Should You Buy to Get a Professional Sound?

This section alone was worth the price for me because, it saved me potentially thousands of dollars for testing new gear.

The Technical

When you know what equipment you have to use to get good results with filmmaking you absolutely need to know how to set up your camera properly.
In this part he is not only showing you how to set up one camera but he’s showing how to set up specific models. For example, when you have a Sony A7III there’s a training for it. If you have a GH5.. there’s also one for it.

The Creative

Next up you need to know the creative part of filmmaking. Like lighting patterns, movements & camera angles. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.
When I was looking around on YouTube to find the creative parts on my own I got stuck at this part every time because all the people who tell you how something is done.. aren’t good themselves. Even something basic like lighting setups can get really complicated.
In Full Time Filmmaker this is pretty straight forward. Even things like cinematic storytelling are covered in depth.

The Editing

I didn’t want to think about editing for the longest time. When I filmed my first videos I tried to avoid editing like the plague. So I tried to do one take videos. Every time I did a mistake, I started all over.
It quickly became so time comsuming that I had to block entire days just for taking a 5 minute talking head video. Nowadys I can do that pretty much in a couple of minutes.
To be honest, I got better speaking over time, so I didn’t need to edit as much. Finally, I am not afraid of editing anymore because of the over-the-shoulder approach I have in the Full Time Filmmaker course tutorials.

The Business — How To Get Your Investment Back As Soon As Possible

Now it’s time for the best part.. you became a master at your craft. The next step is to make money with it. Because in the end, you’ll ask yourself: Is becoming a filmmaker worth the effort?
The possibilities are endless. In FTF you learn how to make money with filmmaking through weddings, real estate gigs, music videos, commercials and more.
You could also start a successful YouTube channel like me. If you know the ins and outs of filmmaking, becoming an influencer is just a game of knowing who you want in your audience and constantly pumping out great videos.. but that’s another topic.
You can also become an affiliate for FTF. Just refer like 5 people or so to this quality course and it basically becomes free.

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