Flow Mastery Level 2 Advanced Training

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Flow Mastery Level 2 Advanced Training


Discover Our Most Cutting-Edge Tools and Techniques For Activating Quantum Consciousness, Tapping Into Multidimensional Capacities Of Your Body + Mind and Expanding Your Mastery of Flow

Flow Mastery Level 2 is a deep dive into entirely new teachings and advanced flow practices that builds and greatly expands on everything you learned in Flow Mastery Level 1, giving you the next level of skills needed to truly master this way of life.


Think of Flow Mastery Level 1 like high school and Flow Mastery Level 2 like getting a Ph.D.

Flow Mastery Level 1 gives you the broad foundational skills needed to live in flow.

Flow Mastery Level 2 both introduces an entirely new set of advanced practices, understandings and tools and will teach you how to apply these new skills and the foundational skills you learned in Level 1 in all areas of your life and business to experience incredible new heights of effortlessness, flow and exponential growth, expansion + success.


Week 01: Reality Design 2.0

Developing Advanced Abilities to Create and Architect Your Reality at Masterful Levels

This week we are going to be diving into advanced reality creation practices covering everything you need to know to get into the 1% of master reality architects and literally begin to create anything you want at record speed with extremely high consistency and accuracy.

We’ll be covering the role of subtle energy in holographic reality creation and sharing the exact, science-backed formula and key elements necessary for bringing something from intention/thought into physical reality. Once you know the formula, anything becomes possible and it is up to you to go as far as you want with it!

Week 02: Money Flow

Mastering the Art of Creating Unlimited Wealth & Abundance

This week we will be sharing advanced practices and insights for shattering the glass ceiling limiting your wealth and abundance and expanding your ability to create money flow into the millions, billions and beyond.

Expect to gain a deep understanding of the inner and outer mechanics of creating wealth and abundance, what you need to do to open yourself into the realm of infinite possibility in this area, as well as practical insights, tools and shifts you need to make out in the real world to open up the floodgates of money into your life.

Once you have the foundational understanding of money dynamics in relation to flow, you can apply it in any way, shape or form you see fit to begin allowing more abundance into your life. Combined with the advanced reality creation practices from Week 1, the sky is the limit in this area.

Week 03: Health Flow

The Art and Science of Creating Peak States of Health and Wellness

This week we are going to be diving into the second layer of advanced reality creation practice: dialing in your health to peak levels for maximum flow. Health is important for a number of reasons, but not many people realize how integral it is to masterfully creating your reality and flow in general.

We will be demystifying what it actually takes to experience extraordinary levels of health, how to optimize your diet, mindset and lifestyle with simple but extremely powerful shifts that significantly increase flow and quicken reality creation, how to reverse disease, slow aging, optimize your bioenergetic fields and how to feel great pretty much all the time, sharing the fruits of over 20+ cumulative years of study and training in holistic health, natural medicine and related fields.

We will also be covering things like food psychology, demystifying the mind-body connection (and how to get it to work in your favor at all times) and offering in depth insight into how your beliefs about yourself and food itself are either hurting or helping your health, as well as providing additional limiting and positive belief lists around food, diet and health to make it easy to get out of your own way and open up to peak wellness.

Week 04: Relational Flow

How to Create Harmony and Flow in All of Your Relationships

This week we will be sharing advanced practices for navigating relationships of all kinds (romantic, friends, family, business partners, etc.) in flow—in the good times and the bad.

Expect to walk away with tools, practices and insights that will help bring your relationships into harmony and flow in a way that will further your growth, expansion and success, help you navigate any rough patches artfully and with minimal or no suffering, conflict and stress, and lead to deepened connection, trust and intimacy (when appropriate).

You’ll understand exactly how flow applies and what to do in virtually any situation that could come up in any type of relationship in your life.

Week 05: Flow in Business + Marketing

Using Flow to Rapidly Grow (or Launch) Your Business and Supercharge Your Marketing

We have some really incredible material lined up for you this week on applying flow in business and marketing to accelerate growth, effortlessness and profitability that we have never shared publicly before but have only used behind the scenes in our own businesses and with personal clients to great effect.

You’ll learn the nuances of applying intuition at masterful levels in all areas of your business to find the path of least resistance and greatest success that will take you as far and as high as you want to go. Make no mistake, intuition is the secret weapon of billionaire business magnates like Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Estee Lauder, Naveen Jain and many more. Mastering it in the context of business is they key to legendary levels of success, positive impact and rapid growth.

We have had the personal pleasure of talking to, being mentored by and receiving deep insights from many billionaires, multi-millionaires and highly successful people about applying intuition in their businesses and lives in general, and we will be sharing these learnings as well as practices we have personally used to create multi-million dollar businesses and that have helped clients to do the same.

Week 06: Flow Typing

Understanding Your Unique Flow Profile and Personality

This week we will be going on another deep dive into mastering flow by bringing your body, mind and spirit into greater levels of harmony by understanding your unique flow archetypes and biological wiring. This is a hugely important aspect of getting into flow—work in alignment with your unique flow type in life, business, relationships and health and things unfold effortlessly, work out of alignment with your flow type and things get infinitely harder than they need to be.

Each of us is unique and the flow principles and advanced practices you learned in Level 1 and that you will be learning in this Level 2 course apply uniquely into your life. Expect to walk away with a roadmap of the exact conditions which will help you thrive and allow you to stay in flow at all times in any situation—and exactly what you need to do to get back in balance if you slip out of it.

Week 07: Advanced Intuition

The Art and Science of Becoming Superhuman and Developing Psychic-Level Abilities

This week we will be diving deep into advanced practices for using intuition to do some pretty incredible things like accurately read the future, get highly accurate information about anyone, anything or any place anywhere in the entire universe and at any point in present or past time, get clear reads on the motives and unspoken intentions of other people, know exactly what to do to optimize your life and business for more success and flow in every moment and even become telepathic and far beyond.

Unlocking the full capacity of intuition is the key to truly becoming limitless and this week we are going to dive into the advanced practices and understandings needed to help you do just that. If you have ever had an interest or fascination with psychic or superhuman abilities, this module will give you many of the keys to accessing these levels of consciousness and developing masterful skills to do just about anything you can think of.

Week 08: Creating Group Flow

Engineering Transcendent Experiences and Flow States With Two or More People

This week we will be diving deep into the art and science of creating group flow states—that is, how to bring two or more people into a transcendent flow state experience together, where time stands still and everything feels magical and fluid and you are in total sync and resonance and an elevated state of joy and wonder and excitement to the point of euphoria—and how to sustain it over time to achieve incredible things in life and business and consistently have peak, often times life-changing experiences.

We’ll be covering the ideal conditions and environments for flow states to emerge and everything you need to know to create them reliably with friends, family, team members, business partners and even complete strangers if they are game.

And beyond that, we’ll also be covering how to maintain flow throughout the life of a project, how to run a team, organization or event in flow, how to create instant connection and flow between strangers or new people, how to create ideal environments for flow to emerge, how to increase performance, efficiency and innovation in a team and finally how to create the conditions where exponential growth and success can emerge at the systems, team or organizational level.

Week 09: Quantum Healing Modalities

Advanced Practices for Letting Go of Your Deepest Traumas, Emotional Blocks and Limiting Beliefs

This week we’ll be sharing extremely powerful practices and resources for multidimensional healing of your body, mind and spirit, combining both ancient and modern modalities for full-spectrum release of old patterns, chronic pain, inner blocks, limiting beliefs, emotional wounds, past life issues, inherited trauma and more.  Expect to walk away with a comprehensive set of tools for letting go of every shred of self-sabotage, ancestral baggage and beyond and integrating fragmented and disconnected aspects of the self back into wholeness.

You’ll learn how to tap into quantum aspects of your own consciousness and use them to facilitate healing across space and time, for yourself and others in profound ways that go far beyond working with beliefs and emotions alone.

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