Daniel Raphael – Dreamporting Rapid Awakening

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Dreamporting Rapid Awakening – Free yourself, neutralize subconscious blocks, & live a life of peace, joy, safety, and passion… While getting supported with laser coaching for a lifetime!

  • Course’s name: Daniel Raphael – Dreamporting Rapid Awakening
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Daniel Raphael – Dreamporting Rapid Awakening

The complete system to recode your energetic field & magnetize the life of your dreams.

Free yourself, neutralize subconscious blocks, & live a life of peace, joy, safety, and passion… While getting supported with laser coaching for a lifetime!

how is this different than other courses?

Whether you’re relatively new to the spiritual path or have spent decades doing inner work, our mission is to help you get to the root of what causes suffering and counter-manifestations, and help you create a complete shift in your life experience.

Many systems only scratch the surface of the issue, while all layers need to be addressed to live the life you deserve. Our program has been designed by Daniel Raphael, along with a team of experts who have traveled the world to find the hardest-to-meet masters, ancient texts, and healing tools. We have led tens of thousands of transformations, and we know what it takes to achieve true transformation and vibrational manifestation.


  1. CLEAR:
  • Purify yourself of the deepest programs, conditioning, and blocks.
  • Learn to use specific Angels to instantly cast out negative energies, illusions, and energetic blocks.
  • Discover the way to recode your life during sleep to upgrade and purify your life from ancient Hermetic tradition.
  • Cultivate awareness around your shadows and subconscious blocks, and learn to harness their potential to alchemize them into your highest potential.
  1. EMBRACE: 
  • Focus on opening your heart to unconditional love and the divine perspective as the key to ascending into a new timeline and life-script!
  • Master your relationships to yourself and others, including friends, team members, and deepening or calling in divine union.
  • Harness the power of relationships to mirror the unintegrated aspects of Self to evolve and flourish.
  • Learn to use your relationships as the most potent tool for awakening and heal the karmic wounding that manifest as challenges in relationships.
  • Journey with your astral body to activate the highest expression of your heart to magnetize loving, fulfilling relationships.
  1. ALIGN:
  • Awaken your Intuition and psychic senses to new levels!
  • Train in a potent Magic system to quantumly clear and realign situations in your life and unblock manifestations.
  • Discover how to control your vibration and master neutrality to affect change in the quantum field.
  • Learn to unlock your unique creative genius and align with your higher purpose to magnetize harmonic synchronicity in your life.
  1. AWAKEN: 
  • Discover the deeper Universal Laws and deepen your relationship to the Divine as you anchor in the Divine Perspective.
  • Stabilize your awareness in oneness and non-duality to dissolve negative timelines and increase your capacity to live in flow and grace!
  • Dissolve the deepest layers of the psyche that have been binding you to vicious cycles, self-sabotage, and counter manifestations through the alchemy of Divine Awareness.
  • Allow the Divine Perspective to Dissolve the deepest of Karmic & Energetic Blocks for radical transformation in all aspects of life.
  • Master the Rapid Manifestation Protocol and radically increase your capacity for abundance, financial health, and the flow of miracles through your life.
  • Pinpoint any remaining areas of scarcity or limiting beliefs to unlock the gifts that you’ve been praying for, for years.
  • Upgrade your operating system to harness the forces of the universe and radiate abundance, trust, and confidence.
  • Activate your KA Bliss body to live in the effortless stream of miracles and automatically magnetize more synchronicities, opportunities, and gifts.
  • Receive pinpoint clarity on your purpose and directives on moving forward in living your passion.
  • Stabilize the joy in your life and discover more tools to rapidly recenter yourself and harness the Universal Laws to neutralize problems before they manifest in order to live in empowered stability.

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