Dan Pye – The Period Time Publishing Program

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The Period Time Publishing Program – Secure your spot in the Period Time Publishing Program today & save $500 Limited Time Only

  • Course’s name: Dan Pye – The Period Time Publishing Program
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  • Last Update: 2022

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Dan Pye – The Period Time Publishing Program

The Period Time Publishing Program – Secure your spot in the Period Time Publishing Program today & save $500 Limited Time Only

This is what you will get!

PTP Student Portal

A hand full of easy to follow modules that will take you from complete beginner to expert Period Time Publisher fast! We have put 10 years of Public Domain Publishing knowledge into these modules and made it so simple you could take the entire training in a weekend. Simple but detailed and effective, we have left nothing out…

PTP Daily Coaching

Customised Daily Coaching. Yes, you read that right, we don’t do one or even two group zoom calls per week like most programs do, nope! Instead, we work with you every single day on a very intimate case by case basis. See the group zoom calls do not work, you cannot unpack all your business problems in a 2 minute slot, that’s why we do it different, that’s why we are different…

1 – 1 Zoom Calls

Single 1 to 1 coaching support. Our standard daily personalised coaching is extremely effective. 9 out of 10 times we have you over your hurdle and back into publishing in a matter of minutes, BUT there are some occasions where the situation may present complexities and we cannot move you forward with our standard service. In this instance we will get on a zoom call with you and work through it. Now that’s unique!

We Assess Your Work

3 Monthly professional book reviews. Yes, our team make detailed assessments of your work right from the very first book you publish. We do a written and video review of your manuscript, cover, keywords, categories, metadata, descriptions and more. Why? Well because it is important to us that you succeed, we are not simply handing you a course here, we are guiding you to the goal. You will not get this kind of service anywhere else!

Facebook Mastermind 

Our accountability community is second to none, in this group you will find a pelthora of Period Time Publishers, some which vast experience right down to beginner level. We all hold each other accountable to our goals, whilst sharing new knowledge and planning work get togethers. This community alone is priceless…

Custom Coded Templates

Manuscript formatting templates that format for you. This is no joke, we have been at this business for 10 years, in this time we have coded templates that autoformat 90% of your book in an instant and it does this better than most professional editing companies. Speed and quality equals success, when you are publishing 3-5 high quality books per day at lightning speed success is inevitable. Our custom template box makes this possible.

3 Unreal BONUSES

Last but not least we have the 3 insanely profitable bonuses. First is Our investment back guarantee, this means make your investment back in the form of profits in 180 days or we will work with you relentlessly until you do. Then we have Our focused international strategy, targeting smaller untapped markets for domination and lastly The authoritative eBook strategy, one click eBooks that sell like crazy, this is just insane value!

Also, we are giving you 3 Amazing BONUSES

Bonus#1: Investment Back Guarantee

If you work with us, learn all our content, use the daily coaching service, implement the strategy precisely how it is taught and still fail to at least make your initial investment back, we will work with you daily until you do. Whatever it takes.

Bonus#2: International Strategy

If you want to make money, then you need this strategy. Here we teach you how to target smaller specific foreign markets, markets where competition is almost non-existent. It is easy to dominate these markets, make a ton of sales which will strengthen your position in the western markets.

Bonus#3: One Click eBook Creation

Using our custom coded templates you can make a paperback book in minutes, but it gets even better. We have coded in a macro that converts your paperback book into eBook format in a simple click. Yes, that is correct, doubling your profits in one click. It does not get much better than this.

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