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  • Name: Course Creator Pro
  • Author: Parker Walbeck
  • Size: 5,72 GB
  • Link: Mega (Instant Download)


  • Module 00 – INTRODUCTION (142.3 MB)
  • Module 01 – THE R&D (1.36 GB)
  • Module 02 – THE INFRASTRUCTURE (840.8 MB)
  • Module 03 – THE MARKETING (1.96 GB)
  • Module 04 – THE ADVERTISING (1.45 GB)
  • Module 05 – THE SCALING (159 KB)

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Introducing Course Creator Pro

Course Creator Pro is an online course made by Parker Walbeck that show you how to build an online course Full Time Filmmaker into a 7-figure business in less than 2 years

Who Is Parker Walbeck?

Parker Walbeck is a very experienced filmmaker who does video for ages. He quickly built a huge following on social media because he always delivers high-value content.
I think he gained around 500,000 YouTube Subscribers within the first 2 or 3 years, his course has more than 7,000+ students, and his Instagram accounts are literally on fire.

In the past, he even worked with Devon Supertramp and traveled all over the world creating video content for big name brands like Hyundai, LG, Huawei, Canon and more…

He created Full Time Filmmaker because he wanted to share all of his technical, creative and business insights.
That content includes gear reviews, comparisons, tutorials, cinematic films and more.

Who Course Creator Pro Is For

I definitely recommend this course to anyone who already has at least a little bit of experience with online teaching, or in-person teaching.
Personally, before enrolling in this course, I already had experience teaching courses on Udemy.
Now these are very different types of courses; The courses on Udemy are considered low-ticket courses. Now what Course Creator Pro focuses on are high-ticket courses.
These generally start around $100-$1000.
With the help of Course Creator Pro, I was able to put together my first high-ticket course.

Who Course Creator Pro Is NOT For

Now this almost goes without saying, but I definitely do not recommend this course to someone who is a complete beginner with no teaching experience.
This might be a little bit too much right off the bat if you’re someone that fits that description.


Course Creator Pro focuses specifically on creating, hosting, marketing, advertising, and then scaling your own online courses.
Once you enroll in the course, you have lifetime access, and in addition to over 60 lectures on how to do this with online courses
You also get discounts on gear and software (most notably is 60% off Adobe Creative Cloud).

00 – INTRODUCTION (142.3 MB) []

01 – THE R&D (1.36 GB) []


03 – THE MARKETING (1.96 GB) []

04 – THE ADVERTISING (1.45 GB) []

05 – THE SCALING (159 KB) []

Course Creator Pro Review: Parker Walbeck’s Course Creator Pro Review

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