Carinda – Digital Product to Profit (Self-Paced Program)

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Digital Product to Profit – The self-paced step-by-step program designed to help you create, sell, and scale completely passive low-ticket digital products…with the vision to create BIG impact on your bank account, life balance and biz.

  • Course’s name: Carinda – Digital Product to Profit (Self-Paced Program)
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  • Last Update: 2023

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Carinda – Digital Product to Profit (Self-Paced Program)

Digital Product to Profit – The self-paced step-by-step program designed to help you create, sell, and scale completely passive low-ticket digital products…with the vision to create BIG impact on your bank account, life balance and biz.

Through this program, it is my mission to help YOUR digital product vision come to life {even if that is a bit foggy at the moment and you are not really sure what type of digital product to create, or how to integrate it into your biz} and help you to reap the rewards digital products can bring.

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Let’s dive into what is inside Digital Product to Profit 👇

Module 1: Ideation, where you will come up with your standout, sellout digital product idea

In this module, you will be given ALL the tools + skills to understand exactly how a digital product fits into your biz, what types of low ticket, passive digital products you can create, how to come up with YOUR digital product idea {even if you are TOTALLY lost or overwhelmed at what that could or should be right now} and how to know that this ideas is going to be one that helps you achieve success. Your idea is born and verified here.

A sneak peek at what you will take away:

  • All the insights {that so many people MISS} into what makes a scalable, seriously magnetic product.
  • Understanding how much should go in a digital product + what value to provide.
  • Understanding a digital product funnel and how one product can go on to better your whole biz {and how to structure this}.
  • Be given my EXACT, clear, powerful methodology about how to come up with your low-ticket digital product idea {with step-by-step workbook to guide you}.
  • Learn how to infuse the THREE SECRET SAUCE STEPS into your digital product that will help you stand out and SELL, even in a saturated market {that have helped me do the same}.
  • And by the end of the module, you will have decided on your own digital product topic + type {and been able to confidently validate it!}.


  • Digital Product Trello Swipe File.
  • A look into Carinda’s own journey for your own success and mindset.
  • A step-by-step research and validation bonus with exactly what questions to ask your ideal customer/client.

Module 2: Creation, where you will discover how to build a high-quality digital product with ease and speed

In this module, it’s time to CREATE, POSITION, PRICE and learn to DELIVER your digital product effectively and efficiently {‘cause I *know* you don’t have time to waste, so this is all about making creation as easy as possible!} and craft it into an experience that has people WOW’d and not only loving the product, but running to see what ELSE you have in your business, too.

You will learn the art and science of crafting digital products quickly, to a high quality that sets you up for future success, the programs that are available to you and given tools to shortcut this entire process.

Then we will position this to help it SELL with naming, branding, mockup design, price and more.

And then learn how to pick the system to deliver this on autopilot as you sleep.

A sneak peek at what you will take away:

  • *Exactly* how you should approach building your digital product to work smarter, not harder with Carinda’s “MVP” prioritisation process.
  • Carinda’s go-to toolkit + training for every element of digital product creation.
  • How to name + price your offer and create your digital product promise to hook in buyers in only one sentence.
  • The “non-negotiable” to add into your digital product itself to boom your BUSINESS as a whole {not just stop the sale at your actual digital products}.
  • A complete walkthrough of different technology solutions you can use to house and deliver your digital product {with lots of different options to suit your set up, preferences and budget!} plus Carinda’s personal recommendations.


  • Naming formulas and “promise” copywriting templates.
  • Pricing formula worksheet.
  • Professionally designed mock-ups to help with your branding and design! Simply plug + play in Canva.
  • A walkthrough of the systems and tools Carinda uses to build and sell her digital products.

Module 3: Sell, where you will build a sales page that is the cornerstone of your success and learn how to get your product out to the world live, selling and ready to SCALE

In this module, it is time to get your digital product LIVE to the world, and that starts with the “salesperson” that sells for you as you sleep – your “holy heck I need this now” sales page! Carinda will help you write your sales page step-by-step {even if you think you are not a natural copywriter} using the DP2P SIGNATURE, proven sales page template and formula.

From there, it’s time to get your offer LIVE {and make your first organic sales!} and this module will take you step-by-step through exactly how to do a “lite launch” for your product to the world.

There are so many offers that never sell as they don’t have the SELLING systems and message to support them, and this module is made to help ensure you are NOT one of those people, and know exactly what is required for people to see your offer is for them {and snap it up!}.

A sneak peek at what you will take away:

  • Your sales page success starts here. In this module is a step-by-step, section-by-section sales copy page template and video training {along with design prompts} to help you make a sales page that SELLLLLLLS.
  • Carinda’s lived tips on what works on digital product sales pages and what doesn’t, and ways you can make even more sales with selling techniques.
  • How to launch your digital product organically- with a “lite” launch that is a breeze for your biz {and is customised to you whether you have an audience of 10 or 10,000}.
  • A full organic launch plan, including done-for-you content, email prompts, graphics and more.
  • How to test your sales page {before you scale in the next module} and make changes to make it convert even more.
  • FREE data tracking software recommendations and walk-throughs that will show you exactly what part of your sales page you could tweak to make even more sales in the future as you scale.


  • Carinda’s signature sales page template structure and complete plug + play copy so you can write a sales page in just HOURS – not weeks {worth the price of this course ALONE}.
  • A complete launch kit to help you organically launch with ease {should you wish – this is optional} including graphics and plug + play captions, graphics, email prompts and more.
  • A swipe file of Carinda’s *exact* past launch content to use to inspire your own.

Module 4: Scale, where you will learn step-by-step how to use Meta Ads and other methods to scale your income and impact to levels that bring you the success you dream of 

This is the module that separates the good digital product outcomes from the great. It is the “secret sauce” to sales as you sleep and income and impact on autopilot.

This is where I will teach you how to sell your products AT HUGE VOLUMES both with Meta Ads and with other optional additional methods once you have mastered this so you can scale your product and make the income + impact you desire.

Whether you have used Meta {AKA: Facebook and Instagram} Ads before truly does not matter as this module caters for those with NO experience with Meta Ads – complete beginners – to those who have run ads before, teaching my step-by-step, laser-focused, end-to-end Meta Ad strategy for how to specifically run digital product ads. It’s every step you need, in an “everyone friendly”, straight to the proven strategy for digital products format.

And then after you master Meta Ads? We look at even MORE ways of scaling like affiliates and more.

A sneak peek at what you will take away:

  • A full Meta Ads Bootcamp, breaking down EXACTLY the type of creative, copy, audiences and strategy you can use to sell digital products, and then showing you how to run these ads in the Meta platform {and showing you how to set up this platform if you have never done Meta Ads before} step-by-step.
  • Learn how totest different ads to find your way forward, and look behind the scenes into my own ad account, where you will look into my OWN real-life ads in action.
  • Discover how to scale your ad account to make maximum return on investment.
  • Demystify the entire scaling process, showing you what metrics to easily look at and what they mean and how to use data to tweak your ad copy, creative or audience for better results.
  • Additional methods to scale further, above and beyond Meta Ads.


  • My 8 “go-to” ad creative types to swipe for your business.
  • Video ad scripts if you wanted to create video ad creative.
  • Done-for-you ad copy templates – just plug + play details for your own ads.
  • Audience targeting swipe files so you have lots of audience ideas to get your offer in front of.
  • Email templates to help you sell your products if someone opts into your freebie.

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