BTZ Ultimate Chatting Guide And Mastermind (Agency Pro)

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Discover The Secret Chatting Method I Used To Earn $100,000+ Per Month On A Model

  • Course’s name: BTZ Ultimate Chatting Guide And Mastermind (Agency Pro)
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BTZ Ultimate Chatting Guide And Mastermind (Agency Pro)

Discover The Secret Chatting Method I Used To Earn $100,000+ Per Month On A Model

Who I Am And Why You Should Listen To Me

If you’ve never heard of me, then let me introduce myself. My name is BTZ, and in the past 6 months I have:

  • Created the largest model marketplace for OnlyFans model contracts in the industry
  • Sold over 1,200 model contracts to satisfied customers
  • Built the largest and most active Telegram group for OnlyFans agency owners (OFM Empire)
  • Scaled traffic generation from Reddit, TikTok, and dating apps
  • Grown models to $100k/month
  • Scaling a chatting team to 10+ chatters achieving 1:15+ sub-to-message ratios
  • Reverse-engineered the MOST effective chatting strategy on the planet

Out of all my accomplishments, that last point is by far the one I’m the most proud of.

My team and I have single-handedly created a chatting system that has reliably generated $15 through tips and messaging for every $1 earned through fan subscriptions.

Why did I create the BTZ Ultimate Chatting Guide And Mastermind?

Too many OnlyFans agencies struggle to turn their subscription income into meaningful message income and struggle to scale past a team of 8+ chatters. Most OnlyFans agencies struggle to turn $1,000 of subscription income into $3,000 or even $4,000 of message income. And scaling a chatting team to hit those numbers consistently is even less common!!!

Introducing the comprehensive B-to-Z guide, a tried-and-tested walkthrough to reaching $100,000/month with your OnlyFans chatting team. Achieve a 1:15 sub-to-message ratio and build the systems and infrastructure needed to scale.

How has this guide helped me?

Using this guide and framework our team has managed to earn over $140,000 of message & tip income from a single model over a 60-day period and is sustainably building a 10+ person team of chatters running this same playbook on repeat.

How will your agency benefit?

I will show you how to use our proven methods, strategies, and systems to transform $10,000 of sub-income into $140,000 of message & tip income. As well as the tools and structure to efficiently scale your chatting team to 20+ chatters and most importantly, being part of my exclusive BTZ Ultimate Chatting Group on Telegram.

I will be dropping examples, results, and sauce on an ongoing basis. You will also get the chance to communicate with members of my chatting team and get support on best practices for chatting and systems.

Remember, this is more than just a guide – it’s a complete system and mastermind.

Leverage our tried-and-tested strategies, systems, and exclusive insights to elevate your chatting team.

The pathway to reaching $100,000/months with your OnlyFans chatting team begins here.

It guarantees a systematic approach, transforming your chatting team from just scraping by to achieving consistent, agency-changing results.

Over $140,000 earned from $10,000 of subscription income…

The Offer – Agency Pro Package

The Pro Package is for agencies looking to scale their chatting team while still achieving huge results.

This is for those looking to hire, build and train a team of 10+ chatters (no easy feat).

We teach you how to build, automate, streamline, and analyze your team for maximum performance.

It’s all well and good being able to chat yourself and achieve good results but it’s a totally different matter building a big team to all achieve the same results.

What’s included in the Pro package:


  • Everything in the Agency package
  • Ultimate chatting training guide: how to train and manage your chatting team to consistently reach 1:15+ sub-to-message ratio
  • Exclusive chatting SOPs

Tools (Airtable + Notion)

  • Everything in the Agency package as well as all the tools and systems to scale a team of 10+ chatters:
    • Creator onboarding system: automate your new model onboarding
    • Custom content automation and dashboard: automatically request and track custom content requests
    • Sales tracker: automated chatter pay, shared sale automation, admin commission checker
    • Team schedules: multiple timezones, embed dashboard views, automated hourly wage calculations
    • End-to-end chatter recruitment and automation: hire your team with minimal effort
    • Chatter and creator dashboards and analytics: track top and bottom-performing chatters effectively

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BTZ Ultimate Chatting Guide And Mastermind (Agency Pro)


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