Brittany May – Simply Scale Program

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This is the only business program designed to ditch the busy work, create reliable, automated systems and build passive income. Scale your business without sacrificing your quality family time.

  • Course’s name: Brittany May – Simply Scale Program
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Brittany May – Simply Scale Program

The Simply Scale Program – This is the only business program designed to ditch the busy work, create reliable, automated systems and build passive income. Scale your business without sacrificing your quality family time.

Step-By-Step Trainings to Scale Your Business

Your pathway to financial and schedule freedom. Stop sacrificing one for the other.

Scalable Foundation

It’s important to lay a solid foundation you can scale from. Strip your business of what’s not working and supercharge what is. This process is all about defining the true core of your business in a scalable way. We will make sure your business is in alignment and ensure every piece is playing a vital role in bringing in revenue and providing quality value to your customers and clients without eating up your schedule.

Automated Sales Funnel

After you have a clear audience, message and quality offer in place you will learn how to build your own automated sales funnel. This will allow you to grow and scale without investing more time into your business. You will learn how to craft the ultimate customer journey and leverage your current success for more. You will also automate your marketing so you are free to focus on the heart of your business.

Organic Lead Generation

The final phase is building a business eco-system. This is where you will learn which organic lead generation methods and strategies work best for you to make your business a well-oiled machine. Learn how to ensure your business keeps running and fuelling itself year-round without having to rely on paid ads. Your business will continue to grow without having to pour any more hours or money in.

Business isn’t Easy, But it Can be Simple.

It’s time to say goodbye to those hustle harder tactics, the ones that leave your overworked, overwhelmed and burnt out. Now it’s time to build a smarter business through consistent, reliable systems and automations to scale simply.

A Strategic Way to Scale

This isn’t about making a million dollars over night. This is about building a better business that you can scale in a strategic way to give you the ultimate schedule and financial freedom. Automated sales systems that work for you again and again, while building a business eco-system and passive income so your success no longer relies solely on your hours and efforts. Allowing you to focus on doing what you love and leading a life you enjoy.

Short on Time. Not on Results.


Unapologetically Profit Focused

All too often I had clients coming to me that were spending their precious time and energy on ALL THE WRONG THINGS. Learn to create a recipe for success that is unique to you, your life and your business. Focus on the key things that get you better results and bring money into your business.

 Automation Made Easy

There are two types of entrepreneurs those that have the ‘hustle’ mentality and those that want something more. That’s why automation and smarter systems are essential to scale your business while still being able to be present and enjoy the life you created!

Fill Your Funnel

I break down how you can turn your business into an eco-system with automated leads all without having to rely on paid ads. You can continue to scale your business while working part time hours with key evergreen strategies and organic marketing tactics your business will no longer depend solely on you.

Digital Strategist: Brittany May

With running a seven-figure brick and mortar business under her belt and now over a decade of experience navigating the online business world (and its ever changing demands) Brittany offers a unique insight to strategic, organic and automated business building tactics that will have you saving time while growing your revenue.

As a soon-to-be mom of three, a military spouse and running two businesses while serving on the executive board of a third (All while working part time hours) she is passionate about teaching entrepreneurs how to work smarter and build scalable businesses.

Focused on teaching how to create sustainable, automated systems that allow businesses to scale simply, have a larger impact on the world; and finally have schedule freedom. Brittany believes that time is the most valuable asset we have and she is here to help entrepreneurs, like you, create the right foundation and systems so you can leverage your skills, not your time.

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