Brennan Dunn – The Blueprint Sell Yourself Online

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The Blueprint – Develop a sales and marketing system that works on your behalf to attract high-quality clients – 24/7/365.

  • Course’s name: Brennan Dunn – The Blueprint Sell Yourself Online
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Brennan Dunn – The Blueprint Sell Yourself Online

The Blueprint – Develop a sales and marketing system that works on your behalf to attract high-quality clients – 24/7/365.

What’s Inside

This course is composed of 62 video lessons (over 6 hours of HD material) that walk you through, step-by-step, creating assets that generate you leads.

You won’t just learn in this course – at the end of it, you’ll have automated systems, a service offering sales page, and other tools that help you attract and convert high-quality clients.

Module 0: Course Overview

In the first module, I overview the System and ensure that you and I are on the same page. I’ve also included reference material that you’ll use as you move through the course.

Module 1: Your Positioning Statement

What are you offering and why should people care? Rather than pigeon hole yourself into a single specialization, we’re going to position your funnel – and not your business. In this module, I work with you to create the end goal: what are you offering, and why should a client care?

Module 2: Writing Your Internal Manifesto

Once you’ve researched a basic statement, we’re going to turn it into a meaty Internal Manifesto that you use to pin down every aspect of the system we’ll be creating. We’re also going to get your Manifesto in front of the right people – ideally scoring a first client or two in the process.

Module 3: Creating A Marketable Document

Your manifesto is great, but it’s for your eyes only. We’re going to comb through the data you’ve been collecting when validating your Manifesto, and normalizing everything you’ve captured and turning it into something that you can actually put in front of prospective clients.

Module 4: Shipping Your Service Offering

Now that you’ve created your marketable document, it’s time to show it off to the world – or at least the people who make it through the funnel we’re about to create together! You’ll learn how to design and write your Service Offering, along with how to craft the perfect call-to-action that leads people to take that first step of hiring you.

Module 5: Creating A Content Arsenal

When someone first comes across you, they’re probably not ready to commit to meeting with you, let alone hiring you. This is the big mistake a lot of freelancers make. Here we’ll talk about the role of content: what to create, what it’s “job” is, and how to get people who consume your free content to become a lead.

Module 6: Shipping Your Freebie Offering

Before your leads are brought to your Service Offering, we’re first going to educate them about their problems and help them understand exactly how to solve them. In this module, I’m going to help you write and build a start-to-finish automated system that nurtures leads and prepares them to be your next client.

Module 7: Filling Your Pipeline

If a tree falls in a forest, does anyone hear it? And if you create some free content and put it on your website, will anyone ever see it? This module is all about getting the right people to discover you, and to keep the traffic coming. With each channel, we’re going to get people not to find your service and hopefully hire you – but rather, to self-select to take that next step to learn from you. After you’ve educated a lead, they’ll be automatically pitched on your Service Offering, effectively automating your project requests and consultation meetings.

Module 8: Nudging The 98%

The majority of leads who move through your automated funnel won’t be ready to work with you right away. However, these leads become a part of your larger audience. In this module, you’ll learn how to keep your leads engaged over time, turning them into future clients and/or getting them to refer work to you.

Module 9: The View From 10,000 Feet

Now your system is complete. You have a number of channels that are consistently sending the right people to you, and your content arsenal is converting them into leads. From there, these leads are being educated about why they need to hire a company like yours, and you’re convincing them that you’re the best for the job. The final module is all about how to analyze, experiment with, and quantify the value of your entire system. This will give you the data you need to scale up additional funnels, and throw more fuel on the fire for the channels that are sending you the best, highest-value clients.

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