Ivan Finn – Bestselling Book Ads (Mastery)

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Bestselling Book Ads – Introducing the most in-depth Amazon Ads course

  • Course’s name: Ivan Finn – Bestselling Book Ads (Mastery)
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  • Last Update: 2023

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Ivan Finn – Bestselling Book Ads (Mastery)

 Bestselling Book Ads – Introducing the most in-depth Amazon Ads course

Bestselling Book Ads Essentials

All of the basics you need to know to get up and running, making profits with Amazon Ads.

  • Account set-up, organization & navigationso you know exactly where to find everything
  • Campaign structureremoves the guesswork in setting up your account for long term effectiveness
  • Free, paid and custom toolsto save you time when doing keyword research and other key tasks
  • Removing the need to test keywordsto save you hundreds if not thousands in wasted spend
  • Launch strategy & scalingto get your book to bestseller status and keep it there
  • Conquering other marketplacesto multiply your outputs with no extra efforts
  • Backend keyword best practicesto improve long term sales and cement your book as a niche leader
  • Setting book priceto effectively print money out of thin air (yes, it’s that simple!)
  • Optimization & key metricsto minimize your research ad spend and make management a breeze
  • A-Z of troubleshooting every possible scenario you’re going to encounter
  • Direct 1-on-1 support to ensure you learn the techniques and apply them correctly

Bestselling Book Ads Mastery

Learn everything you need to know to truly master Amazon Ads to squeeze every drop of profit from your books, long term.

  • Advanced launch strategyto ensure your book’s total niche domination
  • Targeting cheap, hidden keywordsgiving you an edge on your competition
  • SEO & PPC interdependencethe secret to running profitable ads for years
  • Advertising with different budgetsto give you maximal flexibility and cater to every book on your bookshelf
  • Highly reliable review serviceswhich will guarantee your verified reviews, on demand!
  • A trade secret campaign set up structurewhich gives maximal net profits through better control
  • The exact price testing strategyto find the sweet spot of overall net profitability for each of your books
  • Brand buildingto boost the longevity of your publishing business through brand creation and protection
  • Reader psychology deep diveto take your keyword research to the next level
  • Advanced monitoring for business healthto ensure you’re turning a profit in pocket, not just on paper
  • Predicting the performance of adsbased on your book type to eliminate wasted spend before you spend a penny
  • Advanced optimization metricsto ensure your advertising aligns best with your goals

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