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The Scalers Method is the method created by Alex Micol, an entrepreneur and affiliate marketer who generates more than $20 million a year with his company Scalers.

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Alex Micol – Scalers Method

The Scalers Method is the method created by Alex Micol, an entrepreneur and affiliate marketer who generates more than $20 million a year with his company Scalers.

It contains all the strategies and the exact process that allowed Alex to go from zero to a 9-figure entrepreneur thanks to affiliate marketing.

What you will learn inside Scalers Method:

  • How to hack your brain to turn yourself into highly performing individual so you can unlock +6 figures earnings
  • All the secrets of affiliate marketing and how to make over $10,000 a month selling someone else’s products
  • How to discover winning offers and products that can eliminate the competition and maximize sales
  • How to craft effective Ads that work every single time and actually make money
  • All the secrets of media buying and Facebook Ads and how to get your ads in front of people that are ready to give you their money
  • How to properly test products and have the market tell you what works and what people want to buy
  • How to properly scale what is working and increase your profits​

Who is Alex Micol?

International Speaker, Adventure Seeker and 9 Figures Entrepreneur

Alex started his first online business at the tender age of 12 by creating Facebook pages that generated millions of followers.

After accumulating millions of followers he then started struggling, looking for a way to monetize this following and create revenue from it.

Until he discovered these companies that were paying you a fixed amount of dollars for traffic coming from you on their website.

It was an eye-opener, realizing that the site owners knew they could make money for every visit brought in from Alex’s pages.

So he began to monetize this following, and this led him to get in touch and discover affiliate marketing.

At the age of 18 he made the decision to put all his energy into building an affiliate marketing business.

When he started he had no guidance to follow, this led him to lose 40k in a few weeks.

During the journey Alex tried e-commerce, dropshipping, cash on delivery, and many more. He lost so much time, energy and money looking for a reliable way to consistently make money online without headaches and without working 12 hours a day.

This until he realized the real benefits of affiliate marketing and the keys to make it work.

This led to the founding of Scalers, a forward-thinking, cutting-edge marketing agency group.

From humble beginnings, Scalers now turns over $20 million in revenue annually, a testament to Alex’s vision and hard work.

At only 25 years old, he has already founded and grown several companies.

Who is this for?

This course is for anyone who wants to discover a new proven method for creating and growing a highly profitable online business, separating their income from historical events and the world economy. And getting a location-free lifestyle while also generating

This is for everyone who wants to create an online business that allows you to separate your income from your time, so that you can easily generate over $10,000 a month by working just a few hours a week.

This is the Scalers Method, the same method that has brought me to generate over $20 million in sales today at only 23 years old.

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