Aaron Jack & Jan Frey – Freelance Software Developer 2023

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Freelance Software Developer 2023 – Go from zero to paid as a freelance developer. The Freelance Developer Bootcamp,A Self-Paced 8 Week Intensive Program…

  • Course’s name: Aaron Jack & Jan Frey – Freelance Software Developer 2023
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  • Last Update: 15 March 2023

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Aaron Jack & Jan Frey – Freelance Software Developer 2022

Freelance Software Developer – Go from zero to paid as a freelance developer.

Become a Freelancer in 8 Weeks: How We Get You There

Watch the bootcamp training modules

40+ hours of web & eCommerce development: a straightforward type of programming.

Complete projects that feel like real jobs

Practice is everything. Our “done with you” projects are modeled based on real paid coding tasks.

Build & refine a developer portfolio

Your portfolio represents what you know and is your secret weapon. We’ll make sure it’s 10/10.

Learn how to bid on, and win paid jobs

We show the skills & strategies on where to find, and how to win real paid jobs as soon as week 4.


The high earning skill anyone can learn

You probably know that coding jobs are the future, but coding can be extremely complicated and difficult.

eCommerce development is what’s called “Low Code” — you know enough code to help the average person, and get paid to do that.

Since eCommerce, or online shopping, is absolutely exploding, you will be able to provide a valuable service to anyone who has an online store.


The  best value bootcamp, with the least risk

Investing in yourself is always scary, and education is notoriously expensive. So we decided to flip that on its head.

Our price point is 15 TIMES lower than leading code bootcamps, and our outcomes speak for themselves.

We have a 60 day money back guarantee so students can join confident that they will have success.


Instructors at the Top of Their Industry

Aaron Jack & Jan Frey have 8 years of combined experience in this field.

They are also professional content creators with over 300k YouTube subscribers as instructors.

100% of the FREEMOTE mentor team are professional developers

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