Austin Dunham – The BodyWeight BodyBuilder 2.0

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There were small truths inside of all the information out there. And I took them all together, simplified them, and put them in this easy-to-follow program.

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Austin Dunham – The BodyWeight BodyBuilder 2.0

The BodyWeight BodyBuilder 2.0

Austin Dunham Teaches…How You Can Build Muscle Using Your Bodyweight

There were small truths inside of all the information out there. And I took them all together, simplified them, and put them in this easy-to-follow program.

You won’t believe what I found out…

  •  Building muscle is actually easy
  •  You don’t even need a gym membership if you don’t want one. And you can STILL get ripped and build muscle
  •  You don’t have to waste hours at the gym in order to get in shape
  •  Shedding fat is going to be easier than you ever remembered
  •  Your workouts can actually be fun and you’ll still get results
  •  Working out with your body weight is much better on your body (it’s a more natural way of working out).
  • ​Cardio doesn’t NEED to be running
  •  The world is your gym!

Why did I make The Body Weight Body Builder 2.0 ?

There’s tons of information out there about Calisthenics!
Much of it is either too complicated or just focusing on the tricks.
Well, what if you want to do the power moves AND build an incredible physique.
What if you just didn’t like going to the gym or didn’t have the time?
What if you just wanted a boost in your confidence?
What if you were just struggling with keeping the motivation to workout?
I had to deal with the same things and that’s why I created this program. So you can get past it all too.
I took all the information I collected, simplified it so much that a five year old could understand it, and out came…

The Body Weight Body Builder 2.0: the clear cut guide to build muscle using your body weight.

Inside The Program You’ll Learn…

The Secrets Behind Progressing From Beginner To Pro

There’s no need to fear not being able to do any cool power moves. I’ll show you step by step how to progress from the basics like a pull up all the way to the advanced stuff like a muscle up.

Over 73 exercise examples (HD Movie Quality)

Form is everything when it comes to working out with your body weight. Which is why I’ve included 73+ videos showing you various exercises and the proper form for each!

The major key you need in order to build muscle using your body weight

This is the part that most people skip out on but i refuse to. Building muscle with your body weight is almost impossible without this secret and it’s what got me from 131 to 170 pounds in record breaking time.

Jump Start Tips. (How to progress quickly when you’re just starting).

If you’re just starting out it’s going to take some time in order to do some things. In this program I’m going to teach you how to cut that time down in half. (You won’t even recognize yourself in a couple months time).

Why cardio sucks and how to work around it.

Running is just boring and hardly even works. It’s not even necessary and there are so many better ways to burn fat and take care of your health. Which is exactly what I’ll teach you. (Let’s make working out fun again).

How to blast through plateaus with speed (this is what worked for me)

Don’t you hate that stuck feeling? Like you’re putting in so much effort but not getting anywhere? Me too! Which is why i put together a segment showing how to break through those walls. (This has worked for me and so many of my clients in the past).

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