Sheri Rosenthal – Retreat Blueprint

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The blueprint for creating a retreat that actually sells AND that teaches you how to avoid all the pitfalls that cause most coaches, authors, and facilitators to lose money on their retreats.

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Sheri Rosenthal – Retreat Blueprint

Retreat Blueprint

The blueprint for creating a retreat that actually sells AND that teaches you how to avoid all the pitfalls that cause most coaches, authors, and facilitators to lose money on their retreats.

By working with us you’re getting….

….the very BEST Retreat training you can buy! Whether you’re a total retreat newbie or have run over 30 retreats, you want state-of-the-art information AND you want it being taught by people who KNOW retreats.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

…in the Plan, Fill & Profit Retreat Blueprint program with me!

Module One – Retreat Basics

In this module we’re going to cover the details of creating an amazing retreat that’s deeply transformational, absolutely unforgettable, and nets you a GREAT profit! 

We’ll dive deep into:

  • What makes retreats unique as deeply transformational events and how to align your dream location, decide what you’re teaching, and create deeply experiential activities.
  • How to stand out from the crowd so your retreat will be different and easily fill with the perfect paying participants.
  • How to deal with all the logistics from picking the right location and venue, length of time for your retreat, size of your group, and how to find the perfect help and support for your retreat.
  • What must be in place to set yourself up for success – including insurance, legalities, taking money, websites, social media and more!
  • Tips on avoiding the worst types of venues, unsafe locations, crazy weather, bad times of the year run a retreat, and locations that are disastrous duds!
  • …and so much more!

Module Two – Your Ideal Avatar

In this section we’ll be discovering who your ideal client is, what you are teaching them, and how to ensure that you’re delivering value so they’ll want to register for your retreat!

We’re going to explore:

  • Nailing down who you want to work with on your retreats, their pain points, and what problem you solve for them so they know your retreat is for them.
  • Wording the benefits of coming on your retreat so you excite your audience and have them dying to come on your trip!
  • Making sure you have a clear title for your retreat – one that tells your tribe exactly what they are going to walk away with.
  • How to improve your copywriting skills for your retreat sales page so folks want to pay you whatever you are charging for your retreat.
  • Laying out your retreat itinerary day-by-day to create that transformational experience.
  • …and so much more!

Module Three – Pricing Procedures

Pricing your retreat correctly is bar none the most important and critical factor in making the kind of money you deserve from your retreat. You can’t afford to miss this module!

My system teaches you:

  • The PROPER formula for pricing your event’s expenses and figuring out your net profit the correct way (so you don’t LOSE money and get paid what you’re worth)!
  • How to gain the courage and confidence to charge what you are truly worth and not worry about folks saying “no” to your retreat price.
  • The exact script to contact your venue and negotiate your contract so you’ll sound like a pro
  • Creating your cancellation policy (this can save you thousands!).
  • How to make money long after your retreat is over so you’re not constantly struggling to find clients!
  • …and so much more!

Module Four – Promotional Practicalities

Once you price your event, unless you can promote and sell it – it’s dead in the water. This module will give you the tools to create a MARKETING PLAN for your retreat so it can SELL-OUT!

You’ll learn:

  • Our proven template for creating a retreat sales page to sell your retreat and to protect yourself (including what NOT to include if you want your retreat to fill).
  • How to create scintillating sales copy that inspires & sells!
  • Ways to grow your tribe so you’ll have eager, ready-to-buy clients who you can promote your retreat to.
  • Our top basic and more advanced strategies to market your retreat (simply advertising your retreat won’t do it!)
  • How to use Facebook ads & a retreat promotional calendar
  • … and so much more!

Module Five – Facilitating Your Retreat

In this module we’re going to cover how to handle any situation that arises, amp up your confidence to lead groups, and best nurture your clients’ transformational process and emotional experience. We’ll explore:

  • How to show up for your event, facilitate the group’s well-being + give your very best.
  • The scripts for what to say when participants question your leadership or experience messy emotions.
  • How to be professional, prepared and organized for emergencies, conflicts and unexpected logistical problems.
  • How to deal with sick or injured participants, political or natural disaster issues, lost reservations, trouble makers on your trip, or bad guides.
  • Know how to screen applicants, establish trust, listen to your intuition and have a support system during and after your retreat.
  • How to collect testimonials, reflect on your experience, and improve your retreats year after year.
  • …and so much more!

Module Six – Legalities & Business Basics

You can design the greatest event but what about the LEGALITIES? Do you have the proper insurance to protect you? And are you using legal forms that cover you? I hope so! 

We’ll cover:

  • Professional Liability Insurance (are you coaching without this? I hope not) & General Liability Insurance (when do you need this?).
  • Trip Cancellation + Medical Insurance (you never know what’s going to happen…).
  • What is Seller of Travel and how it applies to you (you may be operating illegally without realizing it)
  • All the crucial legal forms for your trip (this is worth the entire cost of the program)! We’ll dive into legal forms and tell you the key phrases that need to be in your forms – since waivers are not appropriate.
  • How having a corporate business structure, visas and income tax knowledge can help protect you!
  • …and so much more!

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